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As some of you are aware, it was recently announced that Dizzee Rascal will be performing his remarkable debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in full, at the RBMA in New York, USA.

This will be the first time Dizzee will perform all songs from this album live. Quite a historical moment for his fans and fans of Grime.

51-d2Rmc5MLThis album won the Mercury Prize Award in 2003. Songs such as ‘I LUV U’, ‘JUS A RASCAL’ and ‘FIX UP, LOOK SHARP’ were critically acclaimed and have gone on to be some of his most memorable tracks.

This album tells the story of a resilient individual struggling to survive the socio-economic realities of everyday inner city life, creating a vivid image of what it was like growing up on a council estate, the problems faced on a daily basis and highlighted a lot of issues such as drugs and gun culture and teenage pregnancy. ‘Boy In Da Corner’ has come to be not so much an album but an imperative historical document, This album created a soundtrack to the life that I myself was being brought up in, so many people had something they could relate to, and so many underground MC’S and rappers now had a platform to showcase their lives and express that in the only way they knew how, hoping for the same recognition. This album portrays grime in its most raw, anxious and passionate form.

Grime and the culture that surrounds it was birthed in East London, in the UK. The explosion and mainstream awareness of Grime came from that album and created this whole new genre that has suddenly re-emerged.


SO… Naturally, as a fan of Dizzee Rascal and a fan of Grime I was ANNOYED & OUTRAGED that this performance was taking place in New York. I cannot even mince my words, I feel that there should be some loyalty to the fans, to those that believed in that album and appreciate it so much, the people that went out and bought that album. Those people are not in New York, they are in LONDON. I think that this really is a special moment for Dizzee Rascal, I am so pleased he even agreed to perform that album in full, but why not in the UK? Fans would be in their element, knowing every word, witnessing our favourite tracks live. Could you imagine the vibes? It would be electric.

ANYWAY, I was on Twitter having a nose, as I do… and I had a notification from Laura Brosnan aka @hyperfrank who is a columnist for Complex Magazine UK. It seemed she had similar thoughts and feelings on this particular topic and had started a petition hoping to get Dizzee to perform ‘Boy In Da Corner’ Live in the UK. Laura has been supported by DJ’s Jez Welham (Capital XTRA) and Sian Anderson (1XTRA) in promoting the petition on Twitter.

There are currently 1,247 signatures and comments from fans hoping that Dizzee will pay attention. Please help to support Laura and this petition by clicking the link below and signing the petition. (takes literally 30 secs.) You can also access Laura’s letter to Dizzee Rascal that she wrote to him personally and on behalf of all the fans that have already signed the petition.

Click here to sign the petition for Dizzee Rascal to please perform ‘Boy In Da Corner’ LIVE in LONDON.

A letter to Dizzee Rascal



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