So, we have seen a recent surge and appraisal for Grime music and the culture that surrounds it. I’m hoping you guys have taken the time out to read ‘WHO IS SHE?’

If not, no drama. This post is just to let you know what I was up to over the past year and my thoughts on events.



I attended an event at G Shock East, in Brick Lane. It was hosted by Jammer and was filmed for Channel 4. Whilst there Jammer gave a talk to the fans that had turned up, Boya Dee was interviewing fans on their perception of Grime and what they loved, including myself and friend Rochelle. As the evening went on I saw the likes of Stormzy, Skepta, Youngs Tef, Lay-z, Lady Shocker plus many more, turn up and give us their opinions on where Grime is going next. We were all treated to a display of clashes as the event drew to a close.

ITS _____ GET ME!

As a young female living in London City, I do occasionally partake in a bit of a TUN UP. This particular night I went to Electric Ballroom in Camden, Music was good, lots of cheesy music downstairs and R&B and Hip Hop upstairs. I noticed a guy that looked very familiar, like id known him for years. As I had had a bit to drink I blame that on the fact it did not register who it was straight away. So I went up to him, asked his name and he replied with his government name. I was about to leave and head to the dancefloor and randomly screamed at him “YOU LOOK LIKE BRUZA UNO” LOL turns out it was him, we ended up chatting a bit about Grime, I asked him if he was working on anything at the moment and he replied modestly with “a few little things here and there.”

A few weeks later I saw him pop up in the video for Chip’s School of Grime.

image2 (2).JPG



I also went to the launch of Russell Brands TREW ERA cafe in East London, I feel this should be mentioned because they are a locally sourced, organic, vegetarian cafe! Supporting local and ethical causes within the community. Russell gave thanks to everyone that had turned up and provided guests with a tour and a chance to taste the produce before the cafe had officially launched, I was lucky as I got a copy of his new book REVOLUTION that he signed to me personally. The cafe’s interior was decorated using sustainable materials and has an urban veggy cool feel to it. Also that day Russell was supporting the Henry Hicks foundation, wearing his badge and displaying posters.



Well, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this club and their treatment of black guests. I cant say I was surprised, this is a thing that has been underlying in West End clubs for years. I used to go partying with my friends in Mayfair on the weekend with a promoter. Every Thursday me and the girls would be messaging on BBM finding out where we were going that weekend, dress code and any other requirements that had to be made. By other requirements I mean that:

  • You have to be pretty.
  • You cant be fat
  • You cant be black
  • You have to wear heels

So you would have to slyly single out some people which was WRONG and RIDICULOUS,  but hey we were all like 19/20 and wanted to party without paying. Clearly at the time I wasn’t bothered about the underlying racial exclusions and discrimination because I wasn’t affected. But since leaving those days behind and having opened my eyes to the real world, I honestly cannot condone any of that.


Ceremony Festival took place last year (2015) at Finsbury Park. The line up was sick, the weather was decent for once… It was a really good day. As you can imagine I spent most of my time at the tent that provided music I listen to. The TROPICAL tent. The highlight for me on that day was when Skepta came on, performed loads of hits, brang out BBK, the vibe was electric. The security had to put gates round the tent so no one else could get in, the tent was getting physically ambushed because that was the spot!



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