I’ve recently been in contact with the guys at NU:GEN studios. They have been so nice and helpful. I went to visit them at their studio based in Central London. SO, there is Lorie, Danny and Connor, they produce Grime music and have recently worked with Ghetts, Devlin and P Money amongst other artists. Lorie showed me around the building, where the 2 studios were, I got to have a little butchers in the photography/filming studio. They are a bunch of crazy guys, its kind of like visiting an American Fraternity, it was like a working party, everyone getting down to business yet still having a laugh. The guys showed me some of the new music they had been producing, played me a few tracks and listened to different beats.

image2 (6).JPG

You may be asking yourself ‘but why is she there?’ Erm because I want to be right in the middle of it all, and I am starting a music production course this year and need to gather a lot of knowledge. At this point, Connor was showing me some technical stuff, that I didn’t really grasp the concept of straight away, but managed to learn a few new things with regards to mixing. My experience here at NU:GEN has been a bit of a MADTING. Artists, producers, photographers etc… passing through doing bits of work here and there. I can tell this place is never quiet.

You can find all the contact details for NU:GEN by following the links below;

Go to NU:GEN’s official facebook page

Go to NU:GEN’s official twitter page


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